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Real Estate Investors Continue Flipping Frenzy

Flipping frenzy continues among real estate investors, especially

Almost 40,000 individual real estate investors and institutions continued flipping homes at a record pace in the second quarter, according to a new report from ATTOM Data Solutions, the parent company of RealtyTrac.com.

The report shows 51,434 U.S. single-family home and condo sales were completed flips in the second quarter of 2016, up 14 percent from the previous quarter to the highest number of home flips in the past nine years.


Many of the flips were done by "mom and pop" investors.

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30 property management questions you need to ask

property management and 30 questions to ask

If you are an apartment owner involved in property management, a property manager yourself or a real estate investor, there are questions to ask about how the property is managed from different viewpoints.

Here is a look at 30 questions that touch on the issues no matter what your job, or job title, with your rental property based on blogger Larry Arth's 30 years in real estate investing.


By Larry Arth

Larry Arth on property management and 30 questions you need to ask

I have had my share of property management issues, so speaking from a position of strength, allow me to share some diligence that I have uncovered over the years on asking and interviewing property managers.

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10 Ways To Be A Great Landlord

10 Ways To Be A Great Landlord

It is upsetting when we get tenant complaints as a landlord.

It is hard work renting apartments or homes to tenants and it takes people skilsl and management skills. Many times our goal as a landlord is to simply avoid tenant complaints. But there are principles, if properly used, that can reduce or eliminate tenant complaints. Do you know what it takes to be a great landlord?

By Richard Montgomery

Reader’s Question – What makes a great landlord?

Question: Monty, My husband and I own about 75 units in 25 plus buildings.

He has a good day job and I manage the apartments. We have been expanding slowly for over 20 years. This is not easy work. Over the years we have had tenants occasionally complain about different things but we always shrug it off as sour grapes or “they don’t get it.”

Yesterday we got a complaint letter that several tenants signed, which is upsetting. What makes a good landlord? 

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5 keys that sway tenant decisions about your rentals

5 keys that sway tenant decisions about your rentals

When a tenant decides whether or not your rental is right for their next home, what are some of the key things that will lead them to sign your lease and not the lease of one of your competitors?

Do you know the key factors?

This week blogger Larry Arth writes about some of the key factors he has seen in his 35 years of property management and investing.

By Larry Arth                                                                         

How great would it be if you knew what your tenants or future tenants are thinking about rental properties?

It has been my experience that landlords tend to put all their energy into what they as landlords want without getting in tune with what the tenant wants.

5 keys that sway tenant decisions about your rentals

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My No.1 Mistake In Property Management

My No. 1 mistake in property management

Learning from your failures

I have always loved the management phrase that Donald Trump states about networking with fellow investors.

He says he is not interested in hearing about your successes.

He is more interested in hearing about your failures.

By Larry Arth

My No. 1 mistake in property management blog by Larry Arth

Hearing about peoples failures is the fast track to learning.

When you hear of and understand where people have made mistakes you can use their lessons to your advantage and avoid duplicating that mistake.

Most true real estate investors invest in the best locations and therefore use a property managers to run their business.

A property manager is to your investment as your engine is to your car.

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Apartment Communities Will Soon Be Able to Buy Their Way into The Google Local Pack with AdWords

apartment communities and google maps

If you manage an apartment community, there is no better way to drive renters to your property than getting it listed on the Google 3-pack and map – pictured below.

By Matt Easton

While attending SMX Advanced Conference in Seattle, WA June 22-23, we had a chance to speak with product development at Google and learned that apartment communities will soon be able to purchase AdWords in the Google Local 3-pack.

getting your apartment on the google map

That means one of the three local results in the local pack will be an ad. Properties that aren’t currently using an apartment SEO professional to get on the map will have an even tougher time. Once Google takes back a spot to use it for an ad, that leaves only two spots left for non-paying apartment communities.

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4 Reasons You May Have Hard-to-Lease Apartments With Hidden Vacancy Costs

Vacancy costs can be hidden in hard-to-lease apartments

Vacancy costs can sometimes be hidden when you have hard-to-lease apartments. Sometimes it may surprise you it can be a single unit over and over causing the issue.

By Lori Hammond

Vacancy loss is a key indicator when evaluating property performance.

Vacancy loss and bad debt are two negative adjustments from the Gross Rent Potential. 

Attempts to maximize rental income include increasing rents, reducing vacancy and concessions.

There is another factor that lurks inside vacancy loss.

This sneaky indicator is the actual number of days vacant for an apartment.  Without looking at days vacant list or report, it might go unnoticed that the same apartment has been vacant for an extended period of time.

Given the size of a property, it's expected there will always be some vacant apartments.

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How Well Do You Know Your Residents?

how well do you know your residents?

How well do you know your residents?

Even the best screening reports cannot tell you if your residents will pay on time.

By Ellen Calmas

How well do you know your residents?

Rental residents' applicants come in all shapes and sizes. They’re young, old and ages in between.

On average, there are about 15 percent more women than men, while based on the location of a community, the ethnic mix and type of employment may vary.


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